[ONLINE SALE] From the Burdigala, 4* hotel in Bordeaux: Furniture, works of art, operating equipment and fixtures

mercredi 03 novembre 2021 11:00
Sale information

The hotel BURDIGALA, 4* HOTEL IN BORDEAUX , is announcing an ambitious renovation that will be completed in 2022. To mark the start of the first phase of work, the hotel is organising an exclusive auction of its furniture. From 20 September to 3 November, the Inwood hotel group, in partnership with Ader Entreprises & Patrimoine - the first auction house dedicated to the development of corporate heritage - will be offering for sale pieces of furniture from the iconic Bordeaux hotel Burdigala**** during an online auction. Comprising 650 lots (530 for the online sale and around 120 for the live sale), the auction will also be held live on Tuesday 2 November at 11am with the sale of exceptional lots. This exclusive sale, open to the general public, will be an opportunity for everyone to discover the hotel and to spend a pleasant moment there. An exhibition of the lots will be organised on site beforehand, on Monday 1st November from 10am to 6pm and Tuesday 2nd November from 9am to 10am. Elsa Joly-Malhomme, Sale Manager, will be presenting furniture, artwork, operating equipment and lighting. "We are delighted to put our expertise as auctioneers at the service of corporate heritage". The Inwood Group will donate part of the proceeds of the sale to the "Plant 1 million trees" project initiated by Bordeaux Métropole. For more information on the sale, download the press release of the event. PRACTICAL INFORMATION Catalogue available online: www.ader-ep.com Exhibition: Monday 1st November from 10am to 6pm and Tuesday 2nd November 2021 from 9am to 10am Hôtel BURDIGALA - 115 rue Georges Bonnac 33 000 Bordeaux Online auction from September 16th to November 3rd. All the lots will be available at the hotel 115 rue George Bonnac (33000 Bordeaux) Three dates are fixed for the delivery of the sold lots: Thursday 4 November from 8am to 5pm Friday, November 5th from 8am to 5pm Saturday 6 November from 8am to 12pm ONLY BY APPOINTMENT (30 minutes on site), we will send you an email with all the necessary information. If you wish to have your purchases delivered, we invite you to contact SERGE ET ALAIN TRANSPORT Moving Furniture Storage Transport of antiques and art objects sergeetalain.transport@gmail.com Christophe LESNIAK : TRANSPORT MAURAN (Bordeaux) Transport of works of art M MAURAN Tel transport.mauran@gmail.com LAGACHE Mobility Removals Olivier Marre olivier@lagachemobility.com Tel : GOULAS TRANSPORT Tel : E-mail : info@gat-transport.fr BESTFRANCE Pascal Cherillat E-mail : gempch@gmail.com Tel : LTSE (Logistique Transport Services Enchères) contact@ltse.fr In case of impossibility to collect your lots on the given dates, two companies will take care of what has not been collected before November 6th : For the north of the Loire, the company SERGE ET ALAIN TRANSPORT will establish your estimate on November 6th.For the south of the Loire, the company TRANSPORT MAURAN will remove the remaining lots at the price of 30€ per buyer, to which will be added 2€ (small objects) or 5€ (furniture) per day and per lot from Monday, November 8th. For international transport: ARTEXPORT Logistics for Antiques 1 rue du Plaisir - 9340 Saint-Ouen Tel:contact@artexport.fr Sales manager : Elsa JOLY-MALHOMME elsa.joly-malhomme@ader-ep.com For all information on the sale Inès del VALLE ines.delvalle@ader-ep.com Ulysse GAUNET ulysse.gaunet@ader-ep.com

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