vendredi 15 novembre 2019 20:00
Le Molière, 40, rue Richelieu 75001 Paris
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Born in Paris in 1977, the youngest of a family of 4 girls, Lulu grew up in an essentially feminine universe. She picked up a pencil at an early age and drew everything she saw. Lulu then took courses at the Duperré School of Applied Arts and began to work in all areas of visual creation (notably fashion and design) before devoting herself entirely to painting. She discovers the classical processes of oil painting with Jean Arcelin, an encounter that marks a real turning point for her, as she is so seduced by the possibilities that this technique offers. Lulu's favorite subject has always been women. In 2006, the year she flew to Brazil, her work was marked by new influences: the bright, luminous and offbeat colors that she used to use in her paintings became more and more central. Her women remain subjects but paradoxically become the foil of a decor that becomes more and more lush, zany, colorful, optimistic. His work has been exhibited in several art galleries in São Paulo. Her studio is still in this tropical city, where she paints from the bottom of her garden. She returns to Paris for the first time with her exhibition Felicidade.
A massive weapon of happiness! That's what the Felicidade ("happiness" in Portuguese) exhibition is all about, which Lulu is bringing to the Maison Molière this year. A whirlwind of colors and good humor that takes Lulu's women a little further. As always, they are sparkling, enigmatic, serious, quirky, peppy and dynamic. They are blue, fluorescent pink, striped or flowered and they come today, in a graphic breath, a chromatic tornado telling us: don't forget to be happy!

The works are exposed to the Molière - 40, rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris - Exhibition open to the public
(free entrance):
Thursday, November 14: 5pm - 8pm
Friday, November 15: 11am - 10pm
Saturday November 16: 11am - 7pm

The auctioneer and his collaborators are at the disposal of the public to communicate all information
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For any further information, please contact
Clothilde DUCRAY : + 33 6 60 65 68 03
Elsa JOLY-MALHOMME : + 33 6 84 52 72 77 or elsa.joly-malhomme@ader-ep.com

Artist's website : www.artlulu.com



Color is the starting point of Lulu's artistic approach, women her favorite subject, exuberant nature her decor, art deco nouveau her graphic reference, and fantasy her final touch. No past or future. Through her paintings, Lulu celebrates a free and chic femininity, assumed, in harmony with nature. Bright, vitamin-packed, her paintings show a daring, zany, fluorescent, rock, ultra-vegetal and sophisticated imagination. A breath of fresh air in a slightly vintage Brazilian inspired decor. A weapon of massive happiness.

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