How to sell

Why and how to sell at auction ?

Why ?

An auction is a real opportunity for a company to make profit.

These benefits are multiple:
  • Generate income
  • Optimising space
  • Increasing the visibility of your company's history
  • Communicating with employees and customers
  • Opening a new era

As well as being in line with the modern world, auctions contribute to a circular and caring economy. Auctions for Good enable companies to become more aware of their environmental impact and develop new ways of consuming.

How ?

Once the list of items for sale has been established (preliminary inventory), a sale mandate is delivered and the auction can be quickly organised.

There are several types of auction (Live, Online ...). The type of sale is determined according to the estimated total value of the assets for sale.

Once the type of sale has been determined, it will take 3 months to organise a live auction and 1 month for an online auction.

The costs are defined according to the items for sale. They are all-inclusive and include inventory and valuation costs. In general, they are in the order of 15% excluding VAT for sellers' fees and 30% excluding VAT for buyers' fees.


To bid

Simply raise your hand (or your hat or your newspaper)
when you want to bid
Go to, everything is explained!
Remplissez le formulaire sur place
pendant l’exposition ou
et nous enchérirons à votre place !