About ADER Entreprises & Patrimoine

What is Ader Entreprises & Patrimoine ? 

ADER E&P was born out of a simple concern. Over the course of their lives, companies and institutions accumulate a large number of assets (production tools, technical equipment, products, furniture, various objects).

These objects reflect their activities, their successes and the actions of their employees.
Within a company, they represent its history. Often forgotten, they become a space constraint, a burden and represent costs (storage, insurance, etc.).

The solution offered by ADER E&P as an auction house is above all to generate financial income through an auction. This involves valuing these frequently unrecognised assets. Their value, sometimes, exceeds all expectations.

The sale also provides an opportunity to federate employees and customers around the company's history and to communicate the beginning of a new era in line with the company's values.

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The history

Entreprise ADER déménagement patrimoine vente

ADER is one of the leading auction houses in France: founded in Paris in 1692, the auction house is an institution in the art market. 
Under the leadership of auctioneers Maurice LAIR-DUBREUIL, Etienne ADER and Rémi ADER, it influenced the 20th century with legendary sales of David-Weill, André Lefèvre, Sacha Guitry or Rothschild collections.

By 1950, the auction house was the largest in France. Joined in 1972 by Maîtres Picard and Tajan, the company represented a third of the sales of Paris auction houses for more than 20 years.
Since 2005, under the management of Maître David NORDMANN, ADER has experienced a new boom. With annual growth of 20%, his team is writing one of the finest pages in its history. Since 2016, he has been associated with Maître Xavier DOMINIQUE.
Each year, ADER organises more than 70 sales representing some 20,000 works of art. Specialised in 20th century art, with a large number of sales of modern, abstract and contemporary paintings, as well as decorative art, ADER has also been developing its expertise in paper works. Old & Modern Prints, Manuscripts & Autographed Letters, Precious Books and Photographs are sold every six months.
ADER also has a strong presence in more traditional fields, organising sales of Furniture - Works of Art, Jewellery and Silverware, as well as sales of Asian Art, Islam & India, Russian Art and Historical Memorabilia. Numismatics, Philately, Gold, Wines & Spirits, Vinyls and Judaica are also sold at ADER.
ADER has always been based around Place Favart in Paris, just a few steps from Drouot, of which it is a member, and has never ceased to develop the quality of its service and the confidence of its customers.
The auction house is also based in Neuilly sur Seine since 2013 and, in September 2017, opened an office at 20 Avenue Mozart in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.
In October 2019, Elsa Joly-Malhomme, a graduate of HEC, the Ecole du Louvre and an auctioneer, teamed up with Maison Ader to create the first auction house specialised in the valuation of corporate assets: ADER Entreprises & Patrimoine.