[ONLINE SALE] From the former offices of the bank LAZARD: Design and Style Furniture, Lighting, Paintings, Engravings, sold for the benefit of the Restos du Coeur.

lundi 19 octobre 2020 11:00
Sale information

From 12 to 19 October, Ader E&P is organising an online auction for the Lazard bank, on the occasion of its recent move: the company is leaving its historic headquarters in Paris to set up shop five hundred metres further on, at number 173 Boulevard Haussmann.

The sale will take place exclusively online, from 12 to 19 October: it will be accessible from the ader-ep website.com

France is Lazard's country of origin. Shortly after emigrating to America to found Lazard Frères in 1848, the Lazard brothers opened an office in Paris which is today one of the main offices of the Group's worldwide network.

Sitting at 121 boulevard Haussmann for almost forty years, Lazard Frères and Lazard Frères Banque have moved into new premises.

This is an opportunity for the company to sell some of its old furniture - design and style furniture, lighting, office furniture...

The proceeds from the sale will be donated in full to the association "Les Restaurants du Coeur - les Relais du Coeur", recognised as being of public utility, whose aim is to help and provide voluntary assistance to deprived people, particularly in the field of food, and through participation in their social and economic integration, as well as in any action against poverty in all its forms.

The ADER E&P sales house transforms a constraint into an opportunity. Our team travels to warehouses and offices to estimate each object. The proceeds of the sales can be donated to charities: unused assets then become a source of income for solidarity initiatives.

Our sales are also a unique opportunity to communicate about the opening of a new era, while respecting older values. These objects bear witness to the evolution of a profession, a passion, the know-how of employees or the evolution of an activity. To value them is to value the culture of each company or institution.

Expert for lots 1, 2, 69, 81, 82, 83, 243, 244 :
Emmanuel EYRAUD
Decorative arts of the 20th century

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