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Born in Paris in 1977, the youngest of a family of 4 girls, Lulu grew up in an essentially feminine universe. Very early, she takes the pencil and won't leave it. Lulu then took classes at the Ecole des Arts Appliqués Duperré and began to touch all areas of visual creation (especially fashion and design) before devoting herself entirely to painting. She discovers the classical processes of oil painting with Jean Arcelin, an encounter that marks a real turning point for her, so much she is seduced by the possibilities offered by this technique.

Lulu's favourite subject has always been women. In 2006, the year she flew to Brazil, her work is full of new influences: the bright, luminous and offbeat colours she used to put in touches take up more and more space in her canvases until they become central. Her women remain subjects but paradoxically become the stooge of a decor that becomes more and more lush, zany, colourful, optimistic. Her work has been exhibited in several art galleries in São Paulo and more recently in Paris.

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