From Radio France: Two reporter's motorcycles.

mercredi 16 décembre 2020 11:00
Sale information
These motorcycles were acquired by Radio France for the purposes of reporting and location.

Le patrimoine d'entreprise dans l'air du temps
Subsidiary of the ADER auction house created at the end of 2019, ADER Entreprises & Patrimoine is the first auction house specialising in corporate assets. Managed by the auctioneer Elsa Joly-Malhomme, the auction house already has some fine contracts to its credit. It won the tender for the dispersal of Radio France equipment until 2023. It has just completed the sale of the furniture of the Ile-de-France Regional Council, the furniture of the LAZARD bank, the BRS company and the Palais de la découverte.

An eco-responsible approach
The company's heritage is no longer just a passion for academics and historians but also for the general public. These sales give a second life to objects that would have been stored or thrown away. They thus reduce the financial burden of storage and are part of a virtuous recycling policy.

The association with ADER, the 7th largest French auction house, also offers real expertise in the decorative arts, allowing the value of designer furniture to be enhanced. "The premises of French companies often house design masterpieces, which are highly sought-after on the art market today. Many seats, tables and lighting fixtures were designed by Pierre Paulin, Werner Panton, Florence Knoll or Eeero Sarinen... and will be put up for auction" says Elsa Joly-Malhomme.

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