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Encantar, an ode to life and its magic. A word that sings of the enchantment of existence. Imagine an infinite expanse that seamlessly blends the beautiful, the dreamy, the lively and the wonderful. To enchant someone is to act on them through elusive interventions. Lulu erases the real and merges it with the unreal. There's a veil, but it's translucent. Dream and reality pierce each other. One and the other are assimilated. Enchantment is born of a border that doesn't exist. We lift the veil: a sleeping peacock and its array of colors, a free, flowering zebra and the infinity of its oddities. We feel the dreamlike omnipresence of living elements. A beneficent halo caresses us. We find ourselves imbued with all this harmony. It diffuses. Enchanted, we let ourselves go. It's intense and gentle, buoyant and powerful. The enchantment contaminates us. We enter Lulu's fantastic space, enchanted.

Exhibition of lots by appointment, on the following dates:

  • Sunday, November 19, 10am-4pm
  • Monday, November 20, 9.30am-6pm
  • Tuesday, November 21, 9.30am-6pm
  • Wednesday, November 22, 9:30am-7:30pm [NOCTURNE]
  • Thursday, November 23, 9:30am-6pm
  • Friday November 24th, 9.30am-6pm

Lots will be on display at the Auction House, 6, rue Picot - 75116 Paris.

To make an appointment to view the lots, please click here.

Delivery of lots by appointment, on the following dates :

  • Friday December 8, 9:30am-6pm
  • Monday december 11th, 9h30-18h

Pick-up of sold lots will take place at our office, located at 6, rue Picot - 75116 Paris.

We will send you an email with all the necessary information as soon as your auction slip has been paid.

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